A Year in Review : 2019

Day 365 of 365!

Praise JESUS! We made it!

Some of us are coming into 2020 by nothing but a hubcap. But you're coming into the New Year and that IS a blessing. So many people did not make it to see this day and that is a huge accomplishment. I decided to do a year end review this year to showcase my highlights from this very long year. When you're in the midst of a storm all you see is that so you forget that you've made it through other obstacles before. I have already seen so many people talking about how terrible 2019 was and how they are glad 2020 is on the horizon. (Mind you, these are the same people who have been saying the same thing for the past 5 years). There has to come a point where you realize the change you need is yourself. Once you change how you think about things your whole world changes as well. Now this thinking does not change bad things from happening to you. It does however alters how you view things. So instead of bad days it'll be bad moments. & that makes all the difference! No matter how big or small your victories are, count them!

And focus on those things!

So let's get started.


  • I had my 1st official branding photo shoot with Phillis Iller [She is AMAZING. Book her!]

  • Hosted a Kiddie Craft night at my job and was one of the most successful events of that quarter

  • Had my graphic designs displayed all over my job.

  • Designed summer camp brochures that my old boss still uses as a staple.


  • Spoke at a Career Fair and was able to talk to some amazing elementary kids about all the things I do.

  • Hosted my first Painting w/ D.A. experience at the Ambitious Girls Event. [Did the graphic for this event as well]

  • Started working out regularly

  • Became the Director of the Kingdom Kids Ministry


  • My book, "The Unlikely Tale of the Royal Elite Squad", was sold and advertised on the Mahogany Reads website which highlights books for poc kids.

  • Continued editing my second novel

  • Was able to go to a album listening party for Sammie


  • Bought my website domain and designed my own first website.

  • Wrote my first blog post

  • Drew a lot!

  • Got commissioned to draw a mother son piece that I still love.


  • Drew two pictures that went viral.



  • Kingdom Kids had their first Youth Sunday and it was a HIT!


  • Hosted a Painting w/ D.A. class for my god babies Unicorn themed birthday

  • Designed a lot!

  • Was nominated for two Queenpreneur awards [Creative Writing & Rising Queenpreneur]



  • Sold my art and book at a community fair

  • Drew some great things.

  • Met my honey <3


  • Stepped out on a limb and left my job to work in marketing

  • Had the best birthday ever!

  • Began managing my anxiety better


  • Got a brand new 2018 Ford Focus !!

  • Made it official with my honey


  • Won contest.

  • Got stronger !

  • Wore my natural hair more.

  • Was able to buy Christmas gifts for some special people

  • Found out I was finally student loan debt free!!!

Whew! I know for a fact there is a lot of things I forgot but I am so thankful for even my little successes. Don't get me wrong this year was HARD! I cried a lot, my anxiety increased, battled inner demons, fell out with people, and a list of other things. But all in all GOD blessed me in 2019. And if he did it before, I know he'll do it again in 2020. Abundantly so.

So i urge you on this last day of 2019 reflect on your victories of this year. And use that was fuel for next year.

I love you all. Be blessed.

See you in 2020.

D.A. Alston

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