Finding the calm in the midst of the Storm

When you think of a hurricane or a tornado the last thing you usually think of is peace. The innate nature of a storm is to destroy and spread havoc. We often just pay attention to the damage that comes along with these massive natural disasters. But if you took a 2nd to take a step back and reevaluate the storm you would realize there is so much more to it. But honestly getting to that point of it being a state or peace is the part that takes practice. Being able to center yourself in the midst of chaotic situations is truly a learned trait. So don't be alarmed if you do not innately have it down pack. The biggest thing to finding that peace in the middle of your storm is simply ignoring the storm.

Okay. Okay.

I know that nearly isn't as simple or as easy as it seems. Trust I know! (Like i said, this is a learned trait). But let me tell you the power in "ignoring" your storm. When you start learning how to have tunnel vision in your storm and not focus on what is going on around you but instead focus on what is going on within, that is when things begin to shift. You are no longer giving power to your storm. You're honestly sucking the wind out of it. And a tornado without wind is just rain. Storms will forever be apart of our lives. No matter how you move or maneuver there will be storms you have to go through. How you choose to handle them honestly determines the overall quality of life you choose to have.

Now when I say ignore your storm that isn't saying to be like a ostrich with your head in the ground hiding from the outside forces. You're more so focusing on what is happening internally than externally. Fixating your vision on the end, your goals and what you want to happen after the storm passes ( All storms pass eventually! Take solace in that) If you focus on those things the storm honestly doesn't seem as big as it once was. Does that mean random debris from the storm wont invade your space occasionally? Or that your storm isn't grand ? Not even in the slightest!

It is however making the conscience decision to set your temperament like a thermostat instead of a thermometer , effected by things around you. (Shoutout to Grandpa Ray for that analogy)

Finding the peace in your storms is a life time journey but with God's help it makes the journey that much easier. Find the peace that passes all understanding. The peace that has people questioning why you aren't more upset or more phased by things happening in your life. The peace that aligns with God's will. The peace that swaddles you like an infant.

Peace is a journey and it's so worth it!

You're worth it!

-Live Life Royally

D.A. Alston

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