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The D.A. Way Library

Young adult novel that follows four young girls as they embark on an exciting new journey after an accident occurs at their school. This coming of age story highlights the importance of building meaningful bonds, staying true to yourself and fighting for what and who you believe in.


Every Day It Rains

Waterbay is a town where it rains all year long. Finding the sun or rainbows to most is near impossible. But not for this young, bright girl. No matter the storm she's facing she finds the joy within. Join her and see if you can discover the rainbow in the midst of the storms.


In the sequel , the girls are back in action and looking to come out on top as new problems arise. Libby Gray is struggling to put on a brave face while dealing with serious issues at home. Kenzie strives to overachieve even as she combats the overwhelm of leading the group. Adeema must fight through Islamaphobia as she looks to find her place in the world. And Janais learns a shocking secret about her family and must keep herself together in order to fight on.

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